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Designed for rugged-duty and high pressure well intervention - Our partner DSTI's rotary unions deliver reliable fluid transfer for coiled tubing applications such as cleanouts, circulation, hydraulic fracturing, acid stimulation, cementing, and drilling. 

Fracking & Drilling Mud Systems
Single flow passage swivel joints provide reliable fluid transfer needed for demanding fracking operations. Specialized seals capable of handling abrasive and corrosive media and a robust roller thrust/angular contact bearing combination system provide dependable performance - minimizing service and repair downtime. 

Service Reel Applications
Designed for high pressure hydraulic fluids, multiple flow passage rotary unions provide reliable fluid transfer needed for winding and releasing of continuous lengths of coiled tubing during workover, drilling and well completion operations. Our fluid products are trusted by leading CT equipment manufacturers and are currently in fields operating around the world.

Did you know we have encoders for Service Reel Applications? Get in touch to know more!


Designed For Direct Integration Into Customer Equipment
High Pressure Designs Up To 15,000+ PSI (1,000+ BAR)
Designed To Applicable API & NACE Standards
Sealing System Designed For Fracturing Fluids, Drilling Mud, & Other Media Types (Including Standard & Sour Service)
Specialized Bearing System For Improved Service Life & Load Capabilities
1.0", 1.5", 2.0", 3.0" & Other Bore Sizes Available
Designs For Onshore & Offshore Environments

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