Renewable Energy

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Hydroelectric Power

Designed for hydropower environments, Our rotary unions (joints) are engineered for continuous and reliable operation providing supply and return hydraulic power to blade actuators for adjusting pitch to adapt to flow conditions. Integrated with electrical slip rings and positioning sensors, rotary unions can provide precise and reliable position feedback in addition to fluid transfer.


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Solar Power

We can provide rotary union designed to provide rotational movement to collector piping in a parabolic trough concentrated solar power (CSP) field. Features include a specialized high temperature packing sealing system, internal corrosion-resistant bearings, and a customer-specified design for direct welding to the piping system.


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Wave Power

Our fluid rotary unions (joints) provide reliable fluid transfer for hydraulic actuation needed to adapt to wave conditions. DSTI's fluid-electrical and positioning sensor integration provides a reliable solution for accurate synchronization and pitch scheduling to improve efficiency of power conversion and lower the cost of energy.


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Wind Power

Today's leading wind turbine manufacturers demand reliable, high-performance components capable of operating continuously in the toughest environments, often in remote locations, where maintenance is difficult and cost-intensive.


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