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We strive to become even larger within our business, to provide you with the very best on todays market. Penlink's main focus lays on reliability, cost-effectiveness and high quality in our services, making sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Collaborative Robots

used in robotics and factory automation

Collaborative robots have been around since the 1990s, but in recent years advancements in sensors and automation technology, not to mention artificial intelligence, have raised their profile quite substantially. Enabling automating tasks within pick and place, injection molding, quality inspection, assembly, packaging, palletizing. 

Penlink can provide a complete turnkey solution or critical turnkey components to ensure safe and accurate motion such as; electrical slip rings and pneumatic swivels for continuous 360° free movement, high accuracy encoders, kit-motors and drives. 

Several of our sister companies within Addtech focus on this industry and we can together as a team offer a complete solution for your collaborative robot!

Industrial Robotics

Used in robotics and factory automation

Penlink cost-effective, lightweight, and reliable rotary transmission solutions reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency and safety for material handling operations. Our application experts work directly with our customers to develop rotary transmission solutions to meet the exact requirements of each robotic handling application.

Reliable flow control of hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical signal- and power handling is critical for clamping operations. 

Did you know we also can help you with motion control in and positioning in your robot?

Welding Stations

Used in the Robotics Industry

Welding stations/ rotary welding table both need to transfer data signals, high current and grounding for the welding.

Penlink can offer extended functionality and operation, through our rotating transmission components, by transferring media as pressurized air, hydraulic oil or cooling, or electric power and data signal (PROFINET / CAN-Bus / ASI).

Customized design allows our product to fit into your installations and be delivered with cables and connectors according to your specifications.

Did you know we can integrate electrical slip ring, pneumatic swivels, encoders into one housing with connectors?

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