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Rotary Joints


  • Electrical Encoders
  • Rotary Electric Encoders
  • Magnetic Encoders
    • EX Duty Encoders
    • Heavy Mill Duty Encoders
    • Light Mill Duty Encoders

Inertia Sensors

  • Accelerometers
    • Tactical Grade Accelerometers
    • Navigation Grade Accelerometers
  • Gyroscopes
    • Unhoused Gyroscopes
    • Housed Gyroscopes
    • Custom Gyroscopes


  • Low Light Cameras
    • CCD Cameras
    • CMOS Cameras
    • EMCCD Cameras
    • EBCMOS Cameras
    • OEM Cameras
    • SWIR Cameras
    • XRay Cameras
  • Imaging Sensors
  • Image Intensifiers
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Scientific Detector

Servo Components

  • Actuators (Linear & Rotary)
  • DC Motors
  • Resolvers & Synchros
    • High Accuracy Resolvers
    • Brushless Resolvers
    • Synchros
  • Drives
    • Standard Drives
    • Custom Drives

We have your solution

What we do best is modified solutions. Choose from our range of standard products and modify them according to your projects needs or requirements. It hasen't been esier to find the right product!

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Standard & Modified Slip Ring

With our standard selection of slip rings we offer full modification on flange, cables, housing, IP-rating, transmission, curcuits and connectors. Get in touch with us about modifying a standard slip ring and we can send over drawings to show the possibilites.

Unsure about what slip ring you need for your application, no worries we can help you with that as well.

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Case History

We can also customize our slip rings to fit your applications needs. Get in touch with one of our sellers to start your project today!

Are you intrested to learn more about our earlier projects, go over to our Customer stories and read more about what we have done before.

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