Marine & Offshore Solutions

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We strive to become even larger within our business, to provide you with the very best on today's market. Penlink's main focus lays on reliability, cost-effectiveness and high quality in our services, making sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.


Used in Offshore operations

The rotary joint in the crane provides the necessary power to perform the necessary movements and lifting of the crane, therefore the rotary transmission package is of very high importance.  

Penlink offers a wide range of solution, both hydraulic rotary unions and electrical slip rings. We can also integrate fiber optical channels and high accuracy encoder (slewing). 

We have a very wide range of ATEX, IECEx certified slip rings! We can also certify custom slip rings for small volume projects. If the crane operates in different zones or it needs to be an emergency use situation, we can offer combined solutions using two rotary joints. 

If requirements are needed for high data speeds, we can offer 1Gb/s data transfer in an electrical slip ring module. Our signal slip ring is sealed to make sure carbon dust from power rings doesn’t penetrate and disturb signal rings over time. 

We offer separated chambers in the slip ring due to new regulations in the industry!

Hose Reels

Used in Marine and Offshore operations

Our specialized rotary unions (fluid swivels) integrate directly into umbilical hose reel systems allowing reliable winding / releasing of hose and equipment.

Suitable for pressures up to 20,000+ PSI [1,380+ BAR], Our rotary union products provide hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, and other service for hose, cable, and umbilical reel applications. We offer standard and custom solutions with a wide range of options for single and multiple flow passages, pressures, flow volume, and fluid + electrical integration.

Did you also know we have integrated rotary transmission solutions and encoders for Hose Reels? Get in touch to know more!

Lars and TMS

Used in Offshore Operations

Slip rings with combined fiber optic rotary joint for both topsides and submerged use are necessary for the ROV industry. Penlink offers a wide range of customized rotary transmission solutions. Our submerged slip rings are designed specifically for oil filled operation, therefore the slip ring length can be reduced.

For topside LARS, we add heaters in the slip ring to remove any moisture if the customer decides not to oil fill the slip ring. With our long life slip rings, the necessary services intervals are reduced (removed) allowing reduced downtime in your applications/operations.

Did you know we can integrate an encoder into the rotary package?

Marine Survey

Used in the Marine and Offshore Industry

The ongoing quest for new oil and gas reserves has continually forced offshore petroleum exploration companies to drill in deeper and deeper water. Recovering oil from these extreme depths presents technical challenges to traditional surface production methods. Consequently, the development and installation of subsea product equipment is becoming increasingly important for the economic recovery of these reserves.

A critical feature for the safe and efficient operation of seafloor production equipment is a highly reliable subsea communication system. Penlink is a leading supplier of both off-the-shelf and custom fiber optic telemetry products and high performance slip rings. High reliability of these products is implemented at all design and process stages. The results are rugged products with extreme performance.

    ROV Systems

    Used in Subsea Operations

    Penlink offers a wide range of components for remotly operated vehicles, (ROV's). This includes compact electric encoders, slip rings, high voltage thruster motors with customized drives, SWIR cameras with excellent performance when reduced lightning is necessary not to overexpose the content in the water.


    Other Applications
    • Surface and subsea flowline connection systems
    • Hot stab and manifold systems
    • Dredging systems
    • Multiplex control POD systems
    • Complex assembly systems

    Umbilical Winch Systems

    Used in offshore and oil applications

    We provide fluid sealing solutions and optical / electrical slip rings for umbilical hose reel applications designed to provide operational flexibility for offshore and onshore applications.

    Penlink’s specialized rotary unions and slip rings  integrate directly into umbilical hose reel systems allowing reliable winding / releasing of hose and equipment. 

    Suitable for pressures up to 20,000+ PSI [1,380+ BAR], and with a wide variation of combined electrical and optical passages, we can offer the solution that fits your requirements.