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The rotary joint of the crane provide the necessary power to perform the necessary movements and lifting of the crane, therefor are the rotary package of a very high importance.  


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Hose Reels

Our fluid swivel products designed for top drives remove much of the manual labor previously required on traditional rig floors - reducing risk and improving safety. We offer a variety of solutions for onshore and offshore top drive drilling systems including multiple flow...


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Slip Rings with combined Fiber Optic Rotary Joint for both TOP SIDE and SUBMERGED USE are necessary for the ROV industry, Penlink offers a wide range of customized rotary transmission solutions. Our submerged slip ring, is designed specially for oil filled operation, therefore the slip ring length can be reduced.


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Marine Survey

The ongoing quest for new oil and gas reserves has continually forced offshore petroleum exploration companies to drill in deeper and deeper water. Recovering oil from these extreme depths presents technical challenges to traditional surface production methods. Consequently, the development and installation of subsea product equipment is becoming increasingly important for the economic recovery of these reserves.


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Penlink  specialized offshore rotary unions integrate directly into propulsion units providing hydraulic / optical / electric power for dynamic positioning adjustments for safe maneuverability in challenging marine environments. Applications suitable are propeller drive systems used in workboat, offshore drilling / production, passenger, tug, cargo, and other marine vessels.


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We also offer a wide range of components for the ROV, as our compact electric encoders, high voltage thruster motors with customized drives. Our low light cameras with excellent performance when reduced light is necessary not to overexpose the content in the water. 


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Umbilical Winch Systems

We provide fluid sealing solutions and optical / electrical slip rings for umbilical hose reel applications designed to provide operational flexibility for offshore and onshore applications.
Penlink’s specialized rotary unions and slip rings  integrate directly into umbilical hose reel systems allowing reliable winding / releasing of hose and equipment. 


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