Rotary Filling Systems

Used in factory automation

Together with our partner DSTI, our sealing solutions for rotary filling equipment provide dependable fluid transfer for a wide range of viscosity. Our rotary joint (manifold) products are customized for each unique liquid filling application and incorporate high-performance seals, material and plating for advanced protection against corrosion providing superior performance and extended service life. These solutions can be designed to be easy to integrate and compliance with FDA.

Did you know we can integrate the fluid rotary union with an electrical slip ring?

Application Features
  • Specialized Designs For Direct Integration Into Customer Equipment
  • Multiple Flow Passage Options For Multiple Media Types (Water, CO2, Air, Steam, Oil, Food-grade, Viscous, Corrosive)
  • Compliance With FDA, 3A, And Other Sanitary Standards
  • Designs Suitable For Use With CIP (Clean-in-Place) Systems (Washdown)
  • Specialized Seal & Flow Path Designs Optimized For Food-grade Media
Example of Products used in this Application