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We provide various solutions for renewable and alternative energy applications. We can provide rotary union designed to provide rotational movement to collector piping in a parabolic trough concentrated solar power (CSP) field. Features include a specialized high temperature packing sealing system, internal corrosion-resistant bearings, and a customer-specified design for direct welding to the piping system.

We can also provide turnkey solutions in to move solar panels 360 degrees to optimise the position of the solar panels. Products include electrical slip ring, encoder, motors and drives. 

Our SWIR cameras can inspect solar panels via tripod or drones, please read our application note on Solar cell inspection down below.

Application Notes

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Our application note showcases our products in relevant context to make it easier for you to understand why our products are the best on the market. Not only do we offer standard solution, we have modified and customized solutions for you to order.

Application Notes