Top Drive

Used in the oil and gas industry

The top drive application is an important part of drilling expeditions, it is a mechanical device on a drilling rig that provides clockwise torque to the drill string to drill a borehole. It is located at the swivel's place below the traveling block and moves vertically up and down the derrick, our rotary joints makes for a prefect fit when rotation and hydraulic transfer is needed with no tearing involved.

Handling longer sections of drill pipe enables a drilling rig to make greater daily progress because up to 90-foot (27 m) can be drilled at a time, thus requiring fewer "connections" to add another 30-foot (9.1 m) of drill pipe. Another advantage of top drive systems is time efficiency compared to other applications and with our reliable products makes for an outstanding solution for the oil and gas industry

Several different kinds of top drives exist, and are usually classified based on the "Safe Working Load" (SWL) of the equipment and the size and type of motor used to rotate the drillpipe. For offshore and heavy duty use, a 1000 short ton unit would be used, whereas a smaller land rig may only require a 500 short ton device.

Application Features
  • Multiple Flow Passage & Connection Size Options
  • Specialized Seals For Abrasive Media Service
  • Variety Of Flange Mounting Options
  • Engineered To Strict Customer Specifications
  • 3rd-Party Inspection Certification Available
Example of products used in these applications