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Rotary Unions

We provide reliable fluid sealing and transfer solutions for hydraulic and abrasive service required by today’s demanding top drive drilling applications. We provide rotary union for water cooled motors.  

Our fluid swivel products designed for top drives remove much of the manual labour previously required on traditional rig floors - reducing risk and improving safety. We offer a variety of solutions for onshore and offshore top drive drilling systems including multiple flow passage swivels for independent pipe handling hydraulic lines used to reliably pick and place drill string.



We provide the world most rugged a reliable no-bearing, contactless magnetic encoder for Top Drive/Draw-works motors/system. XP5 SMARTSafe™ sensors power the world's first explosion-proof encoder with removable electronics and no external barrier!  

They are cULus, ATEX, AEx & IECEx certified and offer incredibly reliable no-bearing construction!  SMARTSafe XP5 sensors can be used in ATEX/IECEx, cUL, AEX, and UL gas hazardous environments.

Application Notes

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Application Notes