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We strive to become even larger within our business, to provide you with the very best on todays market. Penlink's main focus lays on reliability, cost-effectiveness and high quality in our services, making sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Excavator Solutions


Penlink offers solutions that handle high shock and vibration, perfect for mobile applications and harsh environments. We supply both hydraulic and electrical swivels. Our custom made electrical slip rings offer a wide range of power and data signals  (CAN Bus, DeviceNET, Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and other protocols on request).

Our slip ring design allows increased number of rings, meaning more circuits in the same space, enabling a direct 1:1 replacement with improved performance.

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Mining & Drilling Equipment

Used in Heavy Industry

Mining and drilling operators demand dependable hydraulic power to keep their equipment running strong - job after job. Our fluid rotary unions are uniquely designed to meet customer requirements and are built for superior performance under harsh operating conditions including high vibration and loads.

We also combined these rotary solutions with optical /electrical slip ring for signal and power. Optical solutions are often combined with remotely operated tools where cameras are monitoring the work process. 

Did you know we supply cable reels for optical and electrical cables? If required we can also combine it with hydraulic hoses and rotary unions.

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Mobile Cranes

Used in heavy industry

Our Rotary Transmission packages are designed for distribution of hydraulic power, electrical power and electrical signals. Our rotary joins products provide a reliable and low-maintenance solution for heavy equipment used in construction, agricultural and forestry applications.

Did you also know we can integrate an angle transducer of your choice, such as a magnetic encoder or potentiometer into the rotary transmission package?

Penlink can also help with a cable reel solution for boom/crane extension.

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Rotary Tools

Used in heavy industry

Mobile excavators, forest machines and cranes are mostly equipped with different tools, to allow rotation over 360° in a rotator.

Penlink works with leading OEM manufacturers of different rotators and supplies both hydraulic and electricals swivels. With the increasing demands of safety and monitoring, these equipment needs high data transfer. Penlink has a wide range of compact slip rings, that are developed for different rotators, and we can custom make these products to fit your applications.