Factory Automation

Applications & Products related to Factory Automation

Cleaning Systems

Meeting the challenges of limited space and high outputs, Our solutions for bottle washing and cleaning systems address each project's requirements delivering reliable and efficient container cleaning prior to liquid filling, capping, labeling and other packaging line phases.

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The new generation Flowpack machines must combine flexibility and reduced costs; we can offer solutions for these systems together with Penlink's sister companies. By providing a complete package, from HMI and PLC to the servomotors based on EtherCAT Fieldbus.

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We provide a wide range of electrical slip rings to various palletizing applications. The slip ring can transfer data, signal, power and we can modify standard solutions to fit your application!

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Rotary Filling Systems

DSTI's sealing solutions for rotary filling equipment provide dependable fluid transfer for a wide range of viscosity. DSTI rotary union (manifold) products are customized for each unique liquid filling application and incorporate high-performance seals, material and plating for advanced protection against corrosion providing superior performance and extended service life.

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Rotary Table

Reliable supply and flow control of hydraulics and pneumatics is critical for clamping operations. We offer high-precision rotary union solutions for continuous flow and rotary timing valve solutions for controlling flow to meet the exact fluid, operating pressure, speed, and the space requirements of each unique workholding application.

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