Electrical & Magnetic Encoders

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Our encoders are very reliable and accurate in their function of measuring distance, speed, position or angle. We provide both electrical or magnetic solutions.

Electrical Encoders

The Electric Encoder has taken a revolutionary position sensing technology, originally developed for harsh environment specialized applications, and made it available for today’s broader range of defense, aerospace and instrumentation motion control requirements. 

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Magnetic Encoders

These sensors use resistors that are sensitive to magnetic fields. When a rotor with magnetic poles is sensed, a sine wave is generated which is then converted to a square wave. They require a power supply which permits operation down to zero speed and can drive cable lengths up to 2000 feet! 

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Our application note showcases our products in relevant context to make it easier for you to understand why our products are the best on the market. Not only do we offer standard solution, we have modified and customized solutions for you to order.

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