DC Motors

Servo Solutions

We supply an extensive range of electric motors from a few Watts to more than 200 kW. These motors are intended to fit on-board aerospace, defence and other demanding environments. They are available as a LRU (housed) or frameless that can be integrated by the customer.

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DC Brushless Torque Motors

These low friction motors power high torque direct drives while preventing the need for a reduction gear.

Features and benefits

High dynamic bandwidth thanks to low mechanical time constant and high peak current capability.
Improved servo-loop accuracy thanks to possibly reduced friction torque and cogging torque.
Possible degraded operation in case of dual channel, instead of total loss.
Custom rotor and stator hubs to perfectly fit your system, allowing easier integration.
Optional outer rotors to move outer loads.

Used primarily on military applications including:

  • Conventional radar antennae
  • Electro-optical systems
  • Remote control weapon systems (RCWS)
  • Targeting gimbals rotation

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