Wind Power

Used in Renewable Energy

Today's leading wind turbine manufacturers demand reliable, high-performance components capable of operating continuously in the toughest environments, often in remote locations, where maintenance is difficult and cost-intensive.

Our  fluid rotary unions for hydraulic blade pitch control systems deliver dependable hydraulic power to blade actuators for greater productivity and less maintenance-related downtime - translating to significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Our electrical slip rings can be integrated into the fluid rotary union, providing signal and power for the hydraulic pitch control. Often integrated with lightning protection, heaters and encoders. We have also done and sold several designs with integrated FORJ (Fiber Optic Rotary Joint).

With over 2,000 blade pitch control rotary unions in service, our solutions with our partners field-proven designs deliver the highest performance for both onshore and offshore environments.

⟶  Did you know we have encoders for electric pitch control?

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