Oil & Gas Industry

Applications & Products related to Oil & Gas

Coiled Tubing

Designed for rugged-duty and high pressure well intervention - Our partner DSTI's rotary unions deliver reliable fluid transfer for coiled tubing applications such as cleanouts, circulation, hydraulic fracturing, acid stimulation, cementing, and drilling. 


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The rotary joint of the crane provide the necessary power to perform the necessary movements and lifting of the crane, therefor are the rotary package of a very high importance.  


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Flexible Moon pool Drape Hoses

Trusted by leading oil and gas equipment manufacturers and operators, our HPI moon pool hose fluid swivels are utilized in topside and subsea applications where flexible hoses (jumpers) are susceptible to stress and torsion from equipment installation, production, ocean currents and other environment conditions.


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Subsea Flowline & Jumper Systems

Our subsea swivels allow relative rotation between flowline equipment and flowline pipe to maintain proper angular positioning during installation, therefore reducing installation time and eliminating bending moments to prevent equipment / pipe damage as subsea equipment is lowered to the sea floor.


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Top Drive

Our fluid swivel products designed for top drives remove much of the manual labor previously required on traditional rig floors - reducing risk and improving safety. We offer a variety of solutions for onshore and offshore top drive drilling systems including multiple flow passage swivels for independent pipe handling hydraulic lines used to reliably pick and place drill string.


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We provide fluid sealing solutions and optical / electrical slip rings for umbilical hose reel applications designed to provide operational flexibility for offshore and onshore applications.


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