Oil & Gas

Applications & Products

We strive to become even larger within our business, to provide you with the very best on today's market. Penlink's main focus lays on reliability, cost-effectiveness and high quality in our services, making sure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Coiled Tubing

Used in the oil/fracking industry

We provide rotary union and electrical slip ring solutions for coiled tubing applications. Designed for rugged-duty and high pressure well intervention - our rotary unions deliver reliable fluid transfer for coiled tubing applications such as cleanouts, circulation, hydraulic fracturing, acid stimulation, cementing, and drilling.

We can also provide fluid sealing solutions with options for direct OEM replacements and as well as complete specialized designs built to customer specifications and applicable standards.


Used in the Oil and Gas industry

The rotary joint in the crane provides the power to perform the necessary movements and lifting of the crane, therefore the rotary transmission package is of very high importance.  

Penlink offers a wide range of solutions, both hydraulic rotary unions and electrical slip rings. We can also integrate fiber optical channels and high accuracy encoder (slewing). 

We have a very wide range of ATEX, IECEx certified slip rings. We can also certify custom slip rings for small volume projects. If the crane operates in different zones or it needs to be an emergency use situation, we can offer combined solutions using two rotary joints. 

If requirements are needed for high data speeds, we can offer 1Gb/s data transfer in an electrical slip ring module. Our signal slip ring is sealed to make sure carbon dust from power rings doesn’t penetrate and disturb signal rings over time. We offer separated chambers in the slip ring due to new regulations in the industry.

Flexible Moon Pool Drape Hoses

Used in Oil and Gas Applications

Trusted by leading oil and gas equipment manufacturers and operators, our HPI moon pool hose fluid swivels are utilized in topside and subsea applications where flexible hoses (jumpers) are susceptible to stress and torsion from equipment installation, production, ocean currents and other environment conditions. 

Unlike many competitors, Penlink's swivels allow drape hoses and other flexible hoses to rotate at low-torque, even at full operating pressures - extending hose service life, therefore saving time and money from unplanned repair and downtime. 

Penlink's swivels are engineered based on project application requirements and qualified to API 6A, 16C, and 17D. The compact design offers reduced weight with heavy-duty internal bearings to support hose loads and are operational for sour service in accordance with NACE MR1075.

Subsea Flowline & Jumper Systems

Used in the oil and gas industry

Our subsea swivels allow relative rotation between flowline equipment and flowline pipe to maintain proper angular positioning during installation, therefore reducing installation time and eliminating bending moments to prevent equipment / pipe damage as subsea equipment is lowered to the sea floor. 

To date, our partner DSTI have manufactured, tested, qualified, and delivered nearly 200 subsea swivels - reliably installed and operating in field locations worldwide. 

Committed to the ever-changing challenges of offshore oil and gas development, we've made significant and ongoing investments including capacity manufacturing and custom pressure and load test equipment for testing products up to 55” [1400 mm] in diameter, bending loads up to 3 million ft-lbs [4100 kNm] and tensional loads up to 3.1 million lbf [13900 kN].

Top Drive

Used in the oil and gas industry

The top drive application is an important part of drilling expeditions, it is a mechanical device on a drilling rig that provides clockwise torque to the drill string to drill a borehole. It is located at the swivel's place below the traveling block and moves vertically up and down the derrick, our rotary joints makes for a prefect fit when rotation and hydraulic transfer is needed with no tearing involved.

Handling longer sections of drill pipe enables a drilling rig to make greater daily progress because up to 90-foot (27 m) can be drilled at a time, thus requiring fewer "connections" to add another 30-foot (9.1 m) of drill pipe. Another advantage of top drive systems is time efficiency compared to other applications and with our reliable products makes for an outstanding solution for the oil and gas industry

Several different kinds of top drives exist, and are usually classified based on the "Safe Working Load" (SWL) of the equipment and the size and type of motor used to rotate the drillpipe. For offshore and heavy duty use, a 1000 short ton unit would be used, whereas a smaller land rig may only require a 500 short ton device.

Umbilical Winch Systems

Used in offshore and oil applications

We provide fluid sealing solutions and optical / electrical slip rings for umbilical hose reel applications designed to provide operational flexibility for offshore and onshore applications.

Penlink’s specialized rotary unions and slip rings  integrate directly into umbilical hose reel systems allowing reliable winding / releasing of hose and equipment. 

Suitable for pressures up to 20,000+ PSI [1,380+ BAR], and with a wide variation of combined electrical and optical passages, we can offer the solution that fits your requirements.