Hose Reels

Used in Marine and Offshore operations

Our specialized rotary unions (fluid swivels) integrate directly into umbilical hose reel systems allowing reliable winding / releasing of hose and equipment.

Suitable for pressures up to 20,000+ PSI [1,380+ BAR], Our rotary union products provide hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, and other service for hose, cable, and umbilical reel applications. We offer standard and custom solutions with a wide range of options for single and multiple flow passages, pressures, flow volume, and fluid + electrical integration.

Did you also know we have integrated rotary transmission solutions and encoders for Hose Reels? Get in touch to know more!

Application Features
  • High Pressure Options (20,000+ PSI)
  • High Flow Volume
  • Engineered To Strict Customer Specifications
  • Dual Seal Passage Design With Atmosphere
  • Venting To Protect Against Crosstalk
  • Electrical Slip Ring / Fiber Optic Integration
  • 3rd Party Inspection Certification
  • Specialized Designs For Direct Integration Into Customer Equipment
  • Designed To Meet Applicable Certifications
  •  (API, ATEX, CE, & Others)
Example of products used in these applications