Marine Survey

Used in the Marine and Offshore Industry

The ongoing quest for new oil and gas reserves has continually forced offshore petroleum exploration companies to drill in deeper and deeper water. Recovering oil from these extreme depths presents technical challenges to traditional surface production methods. Consequently, the development and installation of subsea product equipment is becoming increasingly important for the economic recovery of these reserves.

A critical feature for the safe and efficient operation of seafloor production equipment is a highly reliable subsea communication system. Penlink is a leading supplier of both off-the-shelf and custom fiber optic telemetry products and high performance slip rings. High reliability of these products is implemented at all design and process stages. The results are rugged products with extreme performance.

    • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
    • Seismic Surveying
    • Oceanographic Winches
    • Subsea Communications (e.g. Well Control)
    • Floating Production, Storage and Offshore Loading (FPSO)
    • 10 000V Slip rings

    Example of products used in these applications