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GI-CVG-2000-serien är byggd med Coriolis-teknik för att leverera riktig taktisk prestanda i ett litet och lätt paket. Med en förbättrad "Angular Random Walk" och enastående prestanda avseende brus, bias- och skalfaktor modellering. Vi kan erbjuda skräddarsydda lösningar 1-3 axlar försedda med hus och kontakter av ditt val!


Customized Gyroscope

We are delighted to introduce to you our latest productthe 3-Axis Tactical Grade Gyroscope. With a digital output, the GI-CVG-A23XXD allows users to make accurate measurements of three orthogonal rate rotations.

The GI-CVG-A23XXD provides critical performance information across a wide range of applications.  It is designed and rigorously tested to meet the most demanding navigation, stabilisation, and precision pointing needs in extreme environments where shock, vibration, and wide temperature ranges are critical to the success of new and existing platforms.

With an industry leading MTBF of >500,000 hours, COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) availability, a high shock value and ITAR Free, the GI-CVG-A23XXD allows system engineers to easily implement stabilisation, navigation and precision pointing features into projects.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Format: RS422 Asynchronous
  • No. Of Axis: 3
  • Measurement Range: +/- 160°/s
  • Power Consumption: ≤ 6W
  • Bandwidth: ≥ 300 HZ
  • Operational Temp: -45°C to +85°C

B2300D 3 Axes Digital Output

Customized Gyroscope

The B2300D is a 3 axes tactical grade digital output gyroscope.  The gyroscope is available in a rugged hermetically sealed housing designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Customized Features

  • In run Bias stability (room temperature) <0.3 °/hr
  • Very low output noise (≤ 0.015 °/s RMS @ 100 Hz)
  • Very High MTBF (500,000 hrs)
  • Large bandwidth (≥300 Hz)
  • Robust (800 g shock)
  • RS 422 interface

The B2300D digital output gyro is suitable for a range of applications. The tactical performance, very low noise and high MTBF, combined with the small size make this 3 axes gyroscope the ideal choice for platform stabilisation.  

Technical Specifications

  • Output Format: Digital
  • No. of Axis: 3
  • Measurement Range: ±200 deg/sec
  • Power Consumption: < 4 @ 5V watt
  • Bandwidth: ≥ 300 HZ
  • Operational Temperature: -46 to +71°C


Customized Gyroscope

The GI-CVG-B2205D is built with Coriolis technology to deliver true tactical grade performance in a small lightweight package. With an improved Angular Random Walk and an excellent short-term bias stability, the GI-CVG-B2205D is a perfect fit to for Land Based Platforms.

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Technical Specifications

  • Output Format: Digital
  • No. of Axis 2
  • Measurement Range: ±200 deg/sec
  • Power Consumption: < 4 @ 5V watt
  • Bandwitdh: ≥ 300 HZ
  • Operational Temperature: -46 to +71°C