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InnaLabs® AI-Q-Series Quartz Servo Accelerometers provide navigation, control and measurement solutions across all market segments and support a number of platforms across a global customer base. Based on proven quartz servo technology they provide high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments.

Did you know our accelerometers can replace Honeywell accelerometers 1 to 1?

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InnaLabs® 2000 Series Gyroscopes provides <10°/hr tactical grade performance in a variety of compact, robust form factors. Combining exceptional performance in bias stability, scale factor and angle random walk with the highest MTBF (500,000 hrs) on the market, very low noise (≤0.01°/s RMS at 100 Hz) and excellent shock (800g) they provide ideal solutions for air, land or sea stabilisation and pointing applications.

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