Rotary Joints

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Standard Rotary Unions

A rotary union or with another name, the swivel joint is a mechanism used to transfer liquids and/or gases while rotating/swiveling from one connection to another. Rotary unions are engineered to endure a large range of temperature and pressure for a variety of conditions and environments.

In addition, rotary unions may integrate multiple passages and handle different types of media concurrently (as an example can oil, water, air, gas, refrigerants, chemicals or vacuum be combined). Have a look at our standard selection of rotary unions.

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High Pressure Rotary Unions

Some applications need high pressure to be able to work. We team up with our partner to give you reliable solutions for harsh environment applicaiton. On an offshore hose reel, rotary unions often transfer hydraulic fluid, data and power signals through the reel hose down to subsea equipment. In some applications such as ROV, the rotary union supply pressurized hydraulics, power and data, allowing the control of subsea tools above sea level.

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Customized Rotary Unions

We can also customize our rotary unions to fit your applications needs and requirements. Get in touch with one of our sellers to start your next project today!

Are you looking for more information about our earlier projects and collaborations, read some of our customer stories to learn more.

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