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Image Intensifiers

An image intensifier is an electro-optical system which increases the intensity of available light. This makes it possible to see under low-light conditions, to test fluorescent materials under X-rays or gamma rays, and to convert non-visible light, such as near-infrared and ultraviolet light to visible light. Penlink represents Photonis, a world leader in the production of image intensifiers for military, space, and commercial applications.

Image Intensifier Tubes

4G Image Intensifier Tube

4G is specifically designed to address the stringent requirements of special forces operators. Only 4G can offer ultra-fast Auto-Gating, the smallest halo and unrivalled spectral range from ultraviolet to near infrared. Gain the unfair advantage in the darkest nights, in all terrain and operations. Get the best DRI* range and be the first to see.

*DRI = Detection, Recognition and Identification.

Download the Data Sheet for 4G

XD-4™ Image Intensifier Tube

The XD-4™ technology sets the European standard for low-light-level imaging. XD-4™ Image Intensifiers perform extremely well in all environmental conditions.

Its broad spectral sensitivity range results in a perfect picture. New production technology of the XD-4™ resulted in improved performance of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and Resolution. Add to these features like the small halo and the extended lifetime and you will be convinced of its unique performance.

The XD-4™ is also available with an Auto-Gating power supply unit.

Download Data Sheet for XD-4

XR5™ Image Intensifier Tube

The XR5™ Image Intensifier reveals more details of the night and offers extended range capabilities. We applied the latest technology to the XR5™, technology that enables the user to detect more details during operations.

The prominent feature on the XR5™ is the integrated Auto-Gated power supply, facilitating operations under dynamic lighting conditions. Auto-Gating constantly operates to improve the quality of the image, not only during day-night-day transitions, but also under dynamic lighting conditions, such as military operations in urban terrain which define many of today's missions.

Our XR5™ Image Intensifier represents the new standard for night vision and is available in a variety of inverting and non-inverting 18 mm formats (form - fit - function) for existing and new optical systems.

Download the Data Sheet for XR5™


Cricket is a plug and play adaptor designed to convert any scientific camera into an intensified camera. It features an 18mm image intensifier, a fiber optic anode window, and a power supply. The Cricket easily adapts to any camera and lens assembly using C-Mount connections, making it simple to make...

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