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Electrical Encoders

Penlink can offer you strong and reliable – high quality electrical encoders! Our team work hard to make sure our services offer high standard and reliability, through testing and innovative thinking we work to improve the products all the time.

It doesn't matter if your are looking for a standard, custom or integrated solutions we can help you!

We also think it's important to work with our affiliated companies, this means that we work together to reach the same goal.

All this is to provide our customers with the best service possible. No matter what your requirements are we have you covered. Our engineers will work together to achieve a design fully adapted to your needs.


Our team at Penlink uses the most advanced tools to create, debug, maintain and support our customers in the most transparent, agile and effective way.


The electric encoder has taken a revolutionary position sensing technology, originally developed for harsh environment specialized applications, and made it available for today’s broader range of defense, aerospace and instrumentation motion control requirements. Non-contact technology relies on interaction between the measured displacement and a space/time modulated electric field. It offers a blend of features unequalled by optical or magnetic encoders.


The VLX encoder series is a new model of encoders that is designed to be integrated into actuators. It was initially designed for compact collaboration robots, but has due to their great advantages been used in several different applications.

The Capacity encoder, can due it performance and high temperature range (up to 100°) be installed inside the motor. The capacitive signal is also immune to the motor magnetic fields.


Beside the standard assortment Penlink has the capability to provide special designed electrical encoders. The special electrical encoder products can be designed based on a sketch or an idea from the customer. We implement different technologies to fulfill our customer’s requirement. Get in touch with one of us here at Penlink and learn more!

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