Integrated Solutions

Penlink has the capability to provide the services of integrated rotary joint solutions! These integrated solutions can be designed based on a sketch or an idea from the customer.

We implement different technologies to fulfill our customer’s requirement and offer them contacting and non-contacting solutions for all types of electrical power, electrical signals and data, optical signals, media (fluid, gas), RF, encoder feedback and combinations of all these transmission technologies.

We have together with our partners already offered several customs designs for; Wind Power (hydraulic- and electrical pitch control), Medical (imaging), Offshore (cable reels, hose reels, cranes, drilling, ROV), Surveillance (CCTV, pan-tilt, gimbals) and Defense (radar, sight system, weapon systems, gimbals, turrets, armored vehicle), robotic systems and other applications that require continuous rotation.

Download our Integrated Solution Application Note