Cable Reels

We deliver reliable cable reels with hybrid cables for outstanding performance

The system of today and the future requires a more complex transmission of power and control than we are used with. The expectations of IOT are also increasing into more moving platforms. This requires that the available standard cable reels, do not always fulfil the requirements.

Penlink supplies customized hybrid cables, that can combine power transfer with high bandwidth DATA, video and control signals. Either it’s Ethernet, Bus-signals or fiber optical, we can offer a customized cable suitable for your applications environmental and mechanical requirements. This is then installed into a motorized, spring driven or manual cable reel, designed according to your application.

Remote Surface Operated Vehicle

For remote surface operated vehicle we can design a hybrid cable solution that enabled integration of cameras and even better ability to control the vechicle for the end user. 

The solution consists of an integrated fiber optical cable that can be combined with power circuits and deliver transmission without disturbance. As our fiber is immune to EMC, and allowed several HD videos and analogue control signals to be transferred it is a great solution for application in need of video and movabilitity.

As a whole solution we connect the cable together with a slip ring and deliver it integrated in a spring driven and motorized cable reel. The cable can range from 4x6mm2 powers up to 35mm2 powers combined with fiber. To make sure that the cable handles harsh environments it is ruggedized, ready for action.

Telescopic Boom Crane

To make sure that the customer can handle longer extensions of their telescopic boom crane we designed a spring cable reel solution integrated with high definition video, power and control signals.

For customers using flex cables for transfering video, power and control signals to the camera placed on a telescopic boom application we have designed a smarter more reliable solution. Our cable reel solution enables swift movements and control of the crane to work without problems when maneuvering and extending the crane even further then when using flex cables.

The solution consists of an integrated spring driven cable reel connected with one of our Penlink slip rings that can transfer high definition video combined with power and control signals during 360° rotation. The stainless steel cable reel is connected with military grade connectors for reliable transmission.

Horizontal Moving Platforms

We have designed a motorized cable reel with electro-optical slip ring that handles harsh environments to help move a platform horizontally like an elevator that offers people a unique place to dine and mingle.

One of our more interesting projects involve a horizontal moving platform with bar and resturant that is placed on the side of a cruise vessel. The platform is a big elevator that has both a bar and resturant for the people visiting the cruise to enjoy. The platform required a high power consumption to several different systems, and the components to have a very long lifetime in a harsh environment. For it to work smoothly under operation it also needed several independent control systems for the crew that handle video and data support.

The initial setup required 6-8 different cable reels with different data and signal transmission to manage all the requirements to make the platform work. But we could delivered a smarter more cost-effective solution that consisted of a single motorized cable reel, with an electro-optical slip ring, and a hybrid cable that had all the requirements integrated into one. We made sure that all components were well suited for the harsh marine environment and had extended lifetime. With our knowledge and experience with slip rings, cable reels and hybrid cables we could together with our supplier deliver a full system, of both larger and smaller reels, to meet all type of environmental requirements. Today you can see the platform in use on the end customer's cruise vessel.