Penlink Encoders

Vibration & dirt safe encoders for heavy machinery

Common problems for large machinery include vibration, miss alignment, dirt and run outs. Our non-bearing encoder solutions easily handle vibration and chock that occur in heavy machine operations, and to remove any dirt and dust the encoder can be washed with water as they are fully potted. Because of the smart design the encoders are perfect for applications such as dock cranes/lifts, pile drivers, forestry equipment, production with metals, trees, paper and pulp, you name it!

With its easy installation and onboard digital self-tuning and diagnostics it makes for a perfect solution for large machinery to keep the operation going for a long time.

With more extreme conditions and difficult operations our encoders delivers secure and reliable performance to make sure your large machinery work with minimal down-time.

Traditional industrial encoders, whether incremental or absolute, can meet the needs of many general industrial motion control applications. However, these devices are more likely to fail when placed in operating environments that subject them to aggressive contaminants, impact, high shock and vibration, long-term submersion in liquids, intensive cleaning procedures, or EMI noise.

Many industrial manufacturers like to use standard off-the-shelf encoders without realizing the total impact of the operating environment on the machine. When standard encoders fail, downtime costs related to encoder failure can quickly grow to several times the cost of the encoder itself.

With the non-bearing solution in our encoders, the life-time is considerably longer than the average encoder even when place in environments with high vibration and chock. To minimize down time the encoder has a built-in system to inform the user when the encoder needs service or needs to be changed. This makes our encoders a perfect solution for heavy machinery such as cranes and excavators.

From bridge to hoist and everything in between, Penlink provides a broad range of high-performance, high durability encoders to solve your problems.

Our modular magnetic encoders have a wide range of sizes to fit flange motors. It is possible to integrate adapters to fit European B-flange (85mm/100mm BC) motors.

Our encoders feature simple installation, durable construction, and clear diagnostics to eliminate encoder-related downtime.

The magnetic sensors are fully potted to withstand dirt and liquids. No glass disks, no optics to clog. There are no moving, wearing parts. The patented wide-gap cam screw rotors put an end to sensor damage, are simpler to install, and stay securely mounted to the shaft.

The universal 5-24V design drives longer cables and is protected against wiring errors and surges.

When you power up our encoders, you know you installed it right: the green light tells you the digital self-tuning has set your encoder optimally. If at any time, the encoder cannot produce ideal signals, the light changes to red and the remote alarm contact activates. However, the encoder keeps working to give you time to schedule service. Any time there are wiring errors, the LED changes to orange.