Motion Control for Defense Applications

Excellent accuracy for flight control movement in defense applications made with high performance materials, the latest design, and construction.

The components consists of a range of motors with different traits that fit different applicaitons within the defense industry. All motors have low wear and maintenance need, which makes them ideal for applications that require reliable components with high operational durability. These motors, combined with one of our resolvers, make a great subsystem solution for your defense applications. 

Our motors have excellent accuracy for flight control movement and actuation systems. The power to weight ratio makes the motor remakable in it's pperformance and size. All the motors are designed with focus on safety, innovation, and reliability.

The components can be used in a vast range of applications such as actuators, servo-systems, cooling pumps systems, electric braking systems, fans, flight controls and much more. The motors come in four different models that can be modified to meet your requirements.

Key Customers

We work closely with all the major aerospace and defence OEMs and our electric products are used on a wide range of civil and defence platforms.

At Penlink, we can provide you with an electric motor solution that is specifically designed for your application. To discuss what you need in more detail, please contact us.

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DC Motors

High power electric motor for fans, pumps, utilities, servo-controlled actuators and much more! These motors are intended to fit on-board aerospace, defence and in other demanding environments.

With high performance materials and the latest design and construction, our motors can operate when immersed in cooling fluids, fuel, oils and hydraulic fluids. Each motor is tailored to meet the customer specification and to fit the application. Designs may have conventional inner rotor or also outer rotor. Segregated dual, triple or quadruple electrical channels, allow operation in degraded mode. They are available as a LRU (housed) or frameless that can be integrated by the customer.

We can also integrate the following features: Electrically controlled clutch, Electronic drive, Fuses (mainly for induction motors), Gearhead, Hydraulic/fluid enclosure and sealing, Male or female rotor coupling, Position sensor, Power-off brake, Tacho-generator, and Temperature sensors.

DC brush torque motors provide a simple solution for systems making a limited number of turns all along their life (e.g. emergency actuation and ammunition actuation systems). They power high torque direct drives while preventing the need for a reduction gear.

  • Good dynamic bandwidth thanks to low mechanical time constant
  • Custom rotor and stator hubs to perfectly fit your system, allowing easier integration
  • Simple operation from DC source ON/OFF switching

Our low friction motors power high torque direct drives while preventing the need for a reduction gear. Our torque motors offers high dynamic bandwidth thanks to low mechanical time constant and high peak current capability. Improved servo-loop accuracy thanks to possibly reduced friction torque and cogging torque.

With dual channels motors can run in degraded operation, instead of total loss. We can also offer custom rotor and stator hubs to perfectly fit your system, allowing easier integration. Options are also available for outer rotors to move outer loads.

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Applications Used primarily on military applications including:

  • Ammunition activation mechanism
  • Ammunition fins actuation
  • Ammunition/missile seeker head actuation
  • Emergency actuator
  • Conventional radar antenna
  • Electro-optical systems
  • Remote control weapon systems (RCWS)
  • Targeting gimbals rotation